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Originally Posted by jbohon View Post
so, to someone that has never ventured into buying silver, what would be a fair price right now for a 1oz coin? does the design really make that much of a difference?
Good questions... I've just recently started looking at getting into some silver myself after some discussions with some friends who are buying small amounts. I'm absolutely a Novice and know very little myself and hope to get educated too.

Of what I know, there is a "Spot" Price for Silver, which is the Market Price, more or less, and fluctuates with the market up and down on a minute by minute, hour by hour basis (like the stock market). It closed at about $31.85 an OZ.

I purchased a couple American Eagle Silver dollars at a local Coin Shop for $37 ish, and I see them in the $36-40 ball park online at many places depending on year, etc.

You can also buy Silver either in Bars, or "Junk Silver" (older coins), or a number of other ways...

I hope some the Silver Experts can chime in because I'm also interested in slowly adding some silver to my collection.
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