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Good security and preparations are useful in many scenarios; it's very unlikely that you (or anyone) will accurately predict exactly how the **** will hit the fan in the future.

So the fact that a particular preparation or precaution won't be helpful in every bad circumstance doesn't erase the fact that it might be very helpful in other bad circumstances.

I think it's a big mistake to turn a lot of smaller, solvable problems into a single giant unsolvable problem like "bad things will happen in the future" and then do nothing. In the big picture, we're all going to be die, so who cares, right?

One of the lessons we can learn from WWII and specifically Germany's attempted extermination of the Jews is that, as a divided populace, it's possible to achieve a result that wouldn't be possible if it were attempted all at once. 1,000 people can oppress 1,000,000 people if they focus on the 1,000,000 a few at a time.

If 10 bad guys come to my house to screw with me and take my stuff or kill me, if my neighbors let that happen, I'm toast. Maybe I've got a zillion guns with all of the cool Mag-Pul **** hanging off of them and I've got my digital camo 5.11 tactical pajamas and I'm a Front Sight Intergalactic Space Ambassador member - ultimately they can use small arms fire to keep me in my house long enough to burn it to the ground with me inside it, and my only choice is to die by asphyxiation, fire, or gunshot wound.

And then tomorrow they can get my next-door neighbor, and if nobody else lifts a finger, my next-door neighbor will be toast, because even a small group of bad guys can outnumber/overwhelm him.

And if the 1,000 people repeat that process over and over again, eventually they can disarm/oppress/disenfranchise/enslave/kill the larger group . . . as long as they do it slowly.

But we don't have to let our neighbors go down without a fight. Organized, systematic oppression is a serious threat - but it's not insurmountable. Don't give up - the loss of the will to fight is how the objectively weaker force tricks the objectively stronger force into surrender/defeat.
"[T]he liberties of the American people [are] dependent upon the ballot-box, the jury-box, and the cartridge-box . . without these no class of people could live and flourish in this country." -- Frederick Douglass (1892)
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