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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I am in the process of purchasing a rifle from an occasional non-business seller out of state (bought private party through gunbroker). My local FFL (first time with this particular FFL) insist that in letters and meeting(s) as recently as the last 2-3 months with the BOE that in this case they must collect sales tax. This is absolutely contradictory to the statement in the original post. I don't want to "bully" or pester my FFL but I sure as heck don't think I should be paying sales tax on this purchase. Can anyone clarify very recent updates on this particular situation? Perhaps even a way I can relay this information convincingly to my FFL. Thanks kindly.
As said, things have changed. Your FFL is correct, sales tax is to be collected on the total cost of the firearm, including shipping.

The first post was before the BOE changed their view and what was true then is not true today. I have a letter from the BOE from 2009 which says the other view and a letter from 2012 which has the new view.
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