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For me, I store food, water, and emergency supplies (including my guns) for preparation against disasters and any number of possible economic disasters: hyperinflation, shortages, devaluation of the dollar, etc.

I consider my best protection the fact that I already live in my bug out location. Moved to a small rural farm last year several miles away from any major roads, and we are on our way to self-sufficiency - growing food, two year-round creeks and a well, a year's worth of dehydrated food. We are saving up to put in off-grid solar electrical. My worry in a crisis will be protecting my stuff from all the people bugging out from urban centers.

If it actually comes down to confiscation, I think most of us have no idea what we will do. It will all depend on the circumstances. I know a lot of people who say "out of my cold, dead hands" will be singing a different tune if it actually happened. I can say if I were in a Katrina-esque type situation, I'd probably hand them over and then hope they would be returned at some point, or at least be compensated for them.
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