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Originally Posted by GtRacerH View Post
I put together my first lower recently. It's a Spike's and when I went to install the Magpul grip, it was definitely really tight. So much so, that I thought either the grip or lower were defective. I even considered sanding down the grip, but I didn't. Eventually I managed to angle it in just enough to were I could apply force to it and it went in fine after that. Now that it's on, I prefer that it went on tightly.
Same thing happened to me. I bought a 'what was left' LPK from DPMS and had fitment issues on my new spike's lower. The MM grip was too tight to fit, and I had to shave a little away and then angle/pound to get it on. Then I ordered a buffer/tube/buttstock from amazon that was crap and didn't even allow my BCG to clear the bolt catch.

Originally Posted by dingle_berry View Post
So to be clear, I've made about 20 measurements on the grip, not a single location is large enough to accept the lower. In addition I have tried stretching the plastic and it can't be stretched to fit without serious concerns of breaking the part. I'm not *****ing because the part is a little out of spec, the damn thing can not fit!

Gotta be honest, disappointing experience with most of you calguns members. Seems like your brand loyalty is influencing your responses to someone who's having a legitimate problem.

The entire point of this post was to remind people, especially new buyers, to check what they bring home. Manufacturers make mistakes, parts get left out of assemblies, it happens. Either way I'm done with this thread.
Props to the OP for sharing his experience. I had the same concerns, and he gets a ration of crap from people for trying to help out someone else. Great job guys.
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