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Originally Posted by dingle_berry View Post
A friendly reminder that in these crazy times, check your parts! Don't just take your new LPK, grip, etc and throw it in your safe without at least a fit test.

Both my orders were from legitamet vendors; Riflegear (Magpul Kgrip) and Aimsurplus (CMMG LPK). I did a fit test using two different lowers and had problems with both orders.

The first problem isn't a big deal, just a pain...they sent me the wrong sized pistol grip screw. A buddy of mine thinks its a metric, who knows... I got a few 1/4X28 screws from work and they go in like butter. Whatever was in my CMMG LPK from Aimsurplus was not a 1/4X28. Doesn't instill a ton of confidence that the rest of their parts are right, but I'll find out this weekend.

The second problem is a bit ridiculous. The opening of the Magpul K grip that mates with the lower receiver is way undersized! I measured the thickness of two lowers and they are ~0.380". I then measured the Magpul grip opening and it was ~0.346". I went online and found a drawing that looks like the lower should be 0.375" nominal (, which would mean the Magpul is way off! I also measured the openings of the standard pistol grips that came with my CMMG and Spikes LPKs and they measured ~0.385"-0.405" at approximately the same location as the Magpul measured 0.346".

I've contacted both manufacturers, no word yet. Before this thread blows up with "I've gotten good parts from them", "mine work fine", etc I just want to reiterate that I am not saying CMMG or Magpul make crap parts. Unfortunately this is my first experience with both manufacturers, but I'm sure this is a very rare thing.

This post is just a reminder/warning to check your parts!
Sounds to me that this must be your first build, am I right?

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