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Default Rain Catcher Thoughts

So, I'm building a 10x10 shed in my yard (you know like the high dollar ones at Home Depot). I was thinking of installing rain gutters on each side of the shed to collect rain, but then I remembered I live in SoCal and at best may only see a few showers a year. I thought to feed them into 2-55 gallon drums.

Please tell me your thoughts. Now that I have typed this I think it's a STUPID idea to add rain collection (not the shed, the shed is a brilliant idea).

My shed will house 4-55 gallon drums, extra blankets, cots, medical supplies, basically all our camping gear, plus extra changes of clothes, coats, heavy duty gloves and boots.

It will be in close proximity to a city wall that separates my yard from a horse trail. Kids smoke pot back there (until I climb a stool and soak them with the hose, I need to record and post this on Youtube) my fear is one day a match or cigarette will catch it on fire. Do you think my home insurance (Farmers) will cover it and belongings?

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