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Originally Posted by Mazdaspeed Jon View Post
Lol. Thanks guys. Yeah, Stage 1 was my best of the day hands down. And no, they weren't magic bullets. If they were, I wouldn't have had that damn sideways primer on Stage 4 that cost me a Top5 overall/Top3 in-class finish. Oh well. Time to go over the tapes to find where I can make improvements for the next one in . Here's the video for Stage 1:

I'll have the rest of the videos uploaded in the next few days.

Oh, and m200re - way to go with your 5th out of 10 finish in Limited 10. You really made some big improvements and are picking up the sport really quickly. Keep doing what you are doing and your 3rd match will be even better.
Looks like you are shooting a .22! Are you shooting 9mm? PF?
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