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Originally Posted by Justintoxicated View Post
Yea these people and businesses just make it worse for everyone in the long run. By making it harder for people in California, new laws will only trickle back to them in the long run.

It's like this: Hey you live in California, so we don't want to help you get anything. Then it's oh ****, now every state is becoming like California. Well buddy you just contributed to making it that way by not allowing us to maintain the rights we still have.
Nope, not going to happen. Other states where already making laws against a fed gun ban just in case and Kali law pushers where ready to outlaw "millitary grade" hollow points just to look good. Nope not gonna happen.

Originally Posted by GM4spd View Post
I recently tried to buy a pair of wood grips for a Colt Pyhton and the guy
said he would not ship to CA.Seriously considering writing to GB and see if
they can't amend their rules for selling to keep people from discriminating on
items that are clearly not regulated by an FFL. Pete
Why? If they don't want to ship to Kali then buy somewhere else. That's the problem with Kali, aways trying to push your way on others when they tell you no. They don't want to support us then fine move on. No we have to force them to make changes that work for our stupid laws cause fools voted to take away our rights and we want others to accept our bass ackwards ways.
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