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This might be slightly spammy here, but what's life you don't wrinkle some feathers...

If you REALLY want to see what you can do on VHF/UHF this is weekend (1/19-1/20) is a great time to find out. It's the ARRL January VHF contest. Even if you only have an HT, turn it on. The contest is for 6M and higher. This year adds a new FM-only category (6M-4460MHz) so it's a great one for the new guys out there who only have FM.

Here's the info from the ARRL You will need to know your grid square.

Hop on the bands and give it a try. If you need any help you can respond here, PM or email me.

I'll be a rover in Central California (DM07/6 & CM96/7) on Saturday (Above Prather, CA then over to Meadow Lakes and down to Madera). On Sunday I'll be heading down to Kettleman City (DM06/5 & CM95/6).

You can always just "give points" if you don't want to worry about it too much. It's not too difficult. Just log (there's a paper one on the ARRL site) the time (UTC), their call (put a /R after the call if you work a Rover), your grid and their grid. You can work each station once per band. Now, if you work a Rover, you can work them again if they move into a new grid.

FM Frequencies:

Do not use 146.52!
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