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I use u-verse instead of dsl due to speed considerations. I don't use cable internet because the way Comcast had it set up, you were on the same open router as your neighbors so if you didn't protect your own router, someone else can access your machines. I don't know if they closed that security issue. I would not suggest using U-verse for HD TV if you have more than two HD TVs in your home. The lines usually do not have enough bandwidth to support multiple HD signals. All of this really depends on the type of cables in your neighborhood and in your home. When I had U-verse installed, they said my phones lines were not enough to make it work. I had DSL running on them before. So I asked them what cables do they need and how much they would charge for it. $150 to run a CAT5 cable from my feed box to where I wanted the service. I told them I'll do it. Went to Fry's and bought CAT6 cable and installed it myself. Called U-verse back and they had no problem with the install after that.
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