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Default Need/How to register

Hi Folks...I apologize for the length of this post...I hope you all can help me.
Back in 1977/78 I took the 832 P.C. course with SFPD. Because of Prop.13 we had to provide our own guns. At that time a friend on the PD told me his friend, a Sheriff, was selling his .357 service revolver and would I want to buy it. Sure I needed my own gun and I felt safe buying it from an officer. The gun was never registered and I don't remember ever getting a receipt. I have shot at the range many times however it has been locked and stored away now for years. My son is almost 18 and I want to teach him how to shoot. Can I take my gun to the range without it being registered? If not how do I go about registering it? Can I purchase ammo to shoot at the range (is it still called wad cutters)? Also would I be able to take him to shoot at a range if he is under 21? I am in Roseville and really don't know where a good range is located. Any help you all can provide would be really appreciated. Thanks so much!
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