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Originally Posted by redrex View Post
Ok Ok, I'm going to get it.

I love the guys though who are all.... I wouldn't pay more then $600 for one though! Really, new, at retail? lol. Better watch out, you are showing your age. You'll be out on the porch shouting at the kids to get off your lawn and *****ing about how gas used to cost $.05 a gallon

Well, you can always dive into the madness at Gunbroker.

Only reason I prefer the M1 Carbine over the Mini-14 right now is ammo availability. I can get .30 cal easy, but as for already know.

However, that being said i'll likely end up buying one of each later on down the road when funds allow. Gun collection is a sickness for some (like me).
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Originally Posted by movie zombie View Post
and you guys wonder why women are fed up with bad behavior?!

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