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Originally Posted by Freq18Hz View Post
And this is BLM land? Any where I can check for info on the legalities of shooting there? Also does CPRC operate at all in NorCal, or is all the action down south? Thanks,

Originally Posted by Whiterabbit View Post
Dunno anything about CPRC, but seriously, google panoche. Just type it into google. I'm telling you, a google of panoche is gonna answer everything. Between what you find in google, when you google panoche, by typing panoche into google, after calling the Hollister BLM and saying "hey, I hear I can target shoot on panoche, is that true?", and after reading my recommendation in post 23 on how to accomplish the deed, you'll be totally set.

That, or I completely misunderstood your question.

(try "panoche BLM" as the keywords and hitting "im feeling lucky")

Hmmmmm, I think he might have a hard time with a google search, using keyword Panoche. Maybe , we are all better off telling everyone that Panoche is closed down, they don't allow shooting, and so on, and we can have the place all to ourselves.
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