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Default Not Willing To Ship To California

I know I know, this one has been beat to death around here... But I absolutely hate looking on GB, finding a rifle (in this case) I want to buy thats available, and the sellers are not willing to ship to California. I totally understand the current outlook, but with the utilization of tools such as the bullet button it makes them totally legal here, albeit not for long maybe. Just bends me up, and some of those sellers even go as far as saying, "If you live in California or any other fascist dictator state that believes it should disarm its citizens for their own safety or where this is already illegal don’t bother." Hello, has this person turned on the tv lately??? This is gonna be all of us pretty soon if we lose the current fight, so I'd say let's all get armed to the teeth while we still can and enjoy our 2A. I guess I'm just venting...

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