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Originally Posted by SpockF14 View Post
The 2012 release of the S&W 586 Classic 4" Blue Steel 6 shot revolver is a beautiful weapon, albeit it with side gun lock, firing pin off the hammer, etc.

The DOJ roster lists the 586-7 as being compliant and on their roster. The 586-7 was the seventh variant of the 586 and according to Wikipedia the dash 7 had a 7 shot cylinder, I believe that is coincidence.

The new 2012 586 Classic 6 shot is stamped 586-8 on the frame. I assume that means you can't buy one in Calfornia. How does CA DOJ deal with this since the 686-6 a six shot stainless version of the gun is on the roster? Shoud I ask them? Did Smith forget to file this 586 Classic in California or opted not to pay the money for the drop test?

Any authoritative answer would be appreciated, I used to carry a Model 19 almost 40 years ago, and the 586 would fill a sentimental bill.
Well I got an answer from S&W to my question today. I spoke with the gentleman at S&W who manages the independent lab certification testing and state roster application of S&W firearms. As it turns out the 586-8, 4" Blue Steel, 6 shot revolver has been very recently sent out for testing and once the process works its way through the outside lab and the DOJ in California it should be added to the CA DOJ roster. It will just take time, I have no estimate on that, but I would guess 3 - 6 months maybe a bit more.
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