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Default Big bit of barrel burner.

Originally Posted by xrMike View Post
Little bit of a barrel burner though?
Pretty much all wildcats are barrel burners, and the .243 is certainly no exception. A good rule of thumb would be somewhere around 1500 rounds of .243 (as well as 338 Lapua, 7mm mag, 300 win mag, etc.) will cause enough barrel (throat) wear to noticeably effect accuracy. Compare this to around 5000-10,000 rounds of .223 or .308 or other similar pressure rounds before accuracy starts to degrade.

Barrels are cheap (when compared to the cost of ammo needed to wear a barrel out) but it is a lot of work to change out a barrel and get comfortable with the way the new barrel shoots (sighting in and confirming how the sighting changes with cleaning, temperature, etc.) I would stay away from .243 in a rifle that you plan on shooting a lot, but it would be fine on a hunting rifle that will only be used a few times a year.
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