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Originally Posted by rberger2_99 View Post
I do agree with the recommendations on prep to inhibit rust, however, you may want to consider not gluing the ends of the PVC. How will you open it when SHTF??

Rather, prep the firearm, and seal it up in a food saver bag (with a descant and O2 absorber). When you need it, you won't need tools to open the pipe, only a knife to cut the food saver bag.
Naw......Glue / Seal that sucker up. then bury a hacksaw (broken down with extra blades) greased in a vacuumed food saver bag, next to it.
Originally Posted by Southwest Chuck View Post
I am humbled at the efforts of so many Patriots on this and other forums, CGN, CGF, SAF, NRA, CRPF, MDS etc. etc. I am lucky to be living in an era of a new awakening of the American Spirit; One that embraces it's Constitutional History, and it's Founding Fathers vision, especially in an age of such uncertainty that we are now in.
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Go cheap you will always have cheap and if you sell, it will sell for even cheaper. Buy the best you can every time.
^^^ Wise Man. Take his advice
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