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Originally Posted by liberty47 View Post
My wife and I received a Roku for a gift. We already have a PS3, MacBook and Samsung Bluray player for streaming.

If anyone has a Roku can you tell me why you do or do not like it.

Its ok. I like my WDTV Live WAY more though. The Roku is good for streaming content... you can add "hidden" or "private" channels not on the list. Its slow to navigate though. I have the Roku 2 XS. It has an app for your phone if you're into that.

The WDTV Live does most of the streaming stuff (Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc) but not nearly as many channels as the Roku. The WD though supports a ton of media types (AVI, ISO, WMV, etc etc) which is why I like it more. I have ripped most of my DVDs to ISOs that I keep on a media server. The interface feels a bit faster than the Roku. The WD doesn't require any online accounts or anything (other than the normal Netflix account or whatever). The WD also has more options for plugging into your media gear (HDMI, Component, Toslink, etc). The WD does not connect to Amazon's streaming service, the Roku does...

They both do HD 1080p, 5.1 sound, etc. I guess it just depends on what you are expending it to do.
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