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Originally Posted by zack30 View Post
This guy??? .223 and 9mm are affordable enough to shoot thousands of rounds through, not high dollar .243 rounds. If you'd like, feel free to send me some ammo and I'll be glad to shoot enough rounds a year to meet your standard ... and last I checked, you shouldn't need to shoot thousands of rounds with a bolt action rifle to do the job. If you are worth a damn, it'll only take one! hahaha
You asked who shoots more then 500 rounds a year! I was referring to myself! First thing 9mm is not a precision round! Secondly have you ever shot 223 out to 1k on steel? Can be done easily but impacts are hard to spot. Secondly Im not spraying and praying at my targets. I shoot precision rifle. 10 rounds are hopefully 10 impacts. From the sounds of it you probably have never shot a precision rifle match like a style match. That is why I burn a barrel a year. I am by far not the best shooter out there but I can hold my own. I like to think I'm at least worth a dam!!

Also I roll my own and it costs me around .75 cents for each round. If you check the current price of 223 right now you will see that it is cheaper for me to shoot my reloads.

edit: Actually its .61 not .75

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