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Originally Posted by Addax View Post
Thank you. We will do our best to keep things on track, but the whole AR industry and market are totally crazy right now.

Right now the Firearms industry (particularly the AR15 / AK market segment) is a mess when it comes to ETA's and deliveries.

We have some of our team at SHOT this week, and we are being quoted 2 years by some AR mfg's for new rifles, and lowers based on the current demand.

We still have orders going back as early as March 2012 for Colt AR15's that have not been fulfilled yet!

This happened before when Obama was first elected. Nov 2008, we were being quoted 1-2 year back order ETA's, then around June 2009, a lot of folks started to see the products available again.

We will do our best to keep everyone up to date.

Once we ship to Anodizing, it is really outside of our direct control in terms of how quickly the Anodizing shop can get our order completed. We hope our lowers will be done per what we have been quoted, but ETA's are basically Estimates.

I don't understand. Why 2 years for new rifles? How long does it take to make on on an assembly line? even starting with raw materials, I would imagine you could start cranking them out by the hundreds or thousands per day. maybe I'm wrong?
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