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Originally Posted by Justintoxicated View Post
if they can remove the block from the mag without any tools I don't think it is permanent. If you can without any tools dissemble into parts then reassemble into a 30 rounder, the modification done might not and probably would not be defined as permanent. I'd rather not chance getting a felony, losing my job, and house, and possibly jail time over neglecting to pop in a rivet.
If I were to make 10 rd magazines, I'd use the magpul blockers. Since they replace the standard 30rd part, if you go out without that extra piece you removed and replaced, there is no way to disassemble and reassemble them into >10rders. I think epoxy and pins are overkill.

I had to remove the epoxy on a 10rd magazine that was blocked with some acrylic plastic that had come loose inside, thus making it a 25 rounder. Didn't take more than 25s second with a knife to cut through the epoxy layer and pry the base plate off. If a jury is so against you that having to disassemble the magazine and remove a block isn't permanent, the extra 25 seconds to use a knife to cut the epoxy isn't going to help you either.

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