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Originally Posted by dunndeal View Post
I was at Oaklander's house several months ago and this topic came up. There is in this country an enormous multi-billion dollar industry that Oak called "Poverty Pimping".
Yes. It is an enormous industry and it seeks to defend and perpetuate itself. The poverty-industrial complex is part of the Democratic foundation. The poverty industry is also heavily unionized in the public sector unions.

Originally Posted by dunndeal View Post
a helluva lot of Pimps with Masters Degrees in Social Work who had nothing to do. Gee, what a shame, they'd have to enter the real world and compete for jobs like the rest of us.
They couldn't get real jobs. What possible employer, other than taxpayer-funded employers, would hire entitlement-addicted professional victims with masters degrees in social work? No one.

Originally Posted by Kyle1886 View Post
I have dealt with phychologist and other "mental health" personnel as well as having a relative in the field. To a person, I would NOT want any of these folks evaluating mine or anyone elses mental state for firearm ownership.

The majority are very anti-firearm to start with.
Psychologists and especially social workers are highly left-wing. Most social workers are minorities. Social work degree programs are the easiest degrees you can get, and they are all based on agreeing with a religion of Marxist victimhood.

NRA members and people who own AR-15s are a demographic with very low crime rates. The last thing Obama wants is to go after his demographic, which has a high crime rate. He wants to target NRA members, even though they are irrelevant to crime.

This whole gun control fight, and the idea of using mental health assessments instead of criminal records, is based on the most ugly brand of identity politics and racism. I wish the NRA could address this more directly.
I will spit whenever I hear the word Libertarian from now on.

In the 2016 election, Libertarian voters threw the swing states of Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Maine to Hillary, for a total of 38 electoral college votes. Hillary would have created a permanent a permanent entitlement class and permanent Democratic control over the US.
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