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Originally Posted by Melissa View Post
I'll throw in my two cents here. A lot of people (myself, my family and multiple friends included) have had a wheat gluten allergy they never knew they had, until they went gluten-free and all their bizarre, unexplained symptoms (like persistent cough, skin rash, fatigue) just plain went away. If you're not on a gluten free diet, try it-- I'm willing to bet your skin redness at the shooting range is an overreaction due in part to existing allergies that are constantly being aggravated.
It is hard to do gluten free. Gluten is in everything spices ,flavorings, most processed foods, cosmetics and shampoos as it is cheap and plentiful. My wife and daughter went gluten free and their allergie type symptoms cleared up. IMO it is a good thing to try and there are more and more gluten free items available. Lots of info on line.
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