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Originally Posted by starsnuffer View Post
You're forgetting the fact that you're talking about a fixed magazine rifle at this point. The magazine is permanently attached to the rifle. A tool must be used to remove the magazine from the rifle.

1) You don't have necessarily to remove the magazine to pull off the plate and remove the block.
2) The hi capacity magazine law is separate from the AW law, in that the magazine does not need to be attached to the rifle to make it illegal. Yea, it's pretty impossible to prove in the context of just owning an illegal magazine, but again don't plan on the Jury being standard ("high") capacity magazine owners, or understanding the loop holes.

The definition of "permanent" is what is really up in the air, if you think just having a block makes it permanent enough, fine, just realize that when it comes to being judged by others your interpretation isn't the one that matters. Now is riveted still considered permanent? Is epoxied? It's all up for interpretation, but I do feel that most people would consider those modifications to be permanent so that is that I would continue to do.
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