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Originally Posted by OneAvgWhiteGuy View Post
If it stands as written, allowing current owners to keep their existing standard capacity magazines, I foresee a lot more vendors offering rebuild kits for sale. Gun manufacturers may even begin shipping them unassembled.
Nothing good will come from an AW/hi cap mag ban. I'm all for background checks, more LEOs, better communication, enhanced sentencing for gun use in a crime etc etc. These are people control measures. You're limiting access for people who shouldn't have had access to begin with. You're adding time to the sentence of anyone who uses a gun in the commission of a crime and you're adding better communication among LEAs and more LEOs on the street, which helps in prevention.

An AW/hi cap mag ban doesn't do anything other than hinder the law abiding public. You're punishing the people who didn't do anything wrong and most likely would never do anything like any of the recent incidents. This is a people control issue, not an implement control issue and should be looked at as such.
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