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Originally Posted by CCWFacts;
To see some more evidence of this, Jerry Brown recently gave a speech where he rightly points out, Oakland can't solve its problems because there are a lot of people in Oakland who [URL=""
don't want the problems to be solved[/URL]. JB is just pointing out on a small scale what's happening on a big scale in the US with the Democratic voter base, and it's also exactly why the emphasis on mental health instead of focusing on demonstrated criminal activity.

Yes we should be scared of this.
I was at Oaklander's house several months ago and this topic came up. There is in this country an enormous multi-billion dollar industry that Oak called "Poverty Pimping". It employs tens if not hundreds of thousands of people whose carreer is dependant on millions of people living in ignorance and poverty. If the government would actually get out of the way and allow these people to get into the economic system there would be a helluva lot of Pimps with Masters Degrees in Social Work who had nothing to do. Gee, what a shame, they'd have to enter the real world and compete for jobs like the rest of us.
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