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I'm definitely afraid of mental health laws.

If you want to greatly decrease gun violence (and violence in general), the solution is obvious: imprison violent people. When someone is caught bringing a gun to school, give him Federal charges as an adult and don't let him plea bargain, so he'll be locked up until his twenties. Same with other entry-level criminal activity. Whenever you see someone who committed murder, there's usually a ramp-up of smaller crimes over an extended period of time. Well, instead of letting that ramp go up until murder, get that violent person into prison for a long time. The parole system also needs to be fixed. To take an extreme and recent example, this guy raped and murdered several teenage girls, was sentenced to death, got out on parole, and killed his mother. Maybe, just maybe, someone who rapes and kills teenage girls should never see daylight again.

The problem with this simple and obviously effective solution is that, due to disparities in crime rates, it will result in too many people who look like Obama's sons spending much of their lives in prison, and the Democratic voter base does not want this to happen.

That's why the sudden emphasis on mental illness. It means that people who are not criminals will be evaluated by glorified DMV workers and denied their rights based on that. This lets the government "do something" about gun violence without having a disparate impact on the Democratic voter demographic.

Yes I'm worried about the emphasis on mental health. You would think everyone would see the obvious solution is to go after people who commit crimes, and yet that's exactly what the Democratic party does not want to do.

To see some more evidence of this, Jerry Brown recently gave a speech where he rightly points out, Oakland can't solve its problems because there are a lot of people in Oakland who don't want the problems to be solved. JB is just pointing out on a small scale what's happening on a big scale in the US with the Democratic voter base, and it's also exactly why the emphasis on mental health instead of focusing on demonstrated criminal activity.

Yes we should be scared of this.
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