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Originally Posted by LHC30 View Post
Thanks to Addax and Kaligaran, this could not have been easy and I appreciate it.

Perhaps I am worrying too much, but should the Gov't actually pass a ban early on, is there any thought to completing the DROS on the lowers before they are annodized, then having us return them for completion? I know that would add to the complexity of hte process, but if a ban does come down....
Basically a Federal Ban still needs to be proposed in Congress, and we pretty much know that this will be shot down by House Republicans and Pro-Gun House Democrats.

If a California SB47 is passed, you basically have until July 1 2014 to register it under a new registration program........

If we DROS people now, and it take the Anodizing company over 30 days, we cannot release / complete the DROS without the lower receiver, and you would have to Re-DROS, so it is basically not a good idea to DROS now.
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