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I own a PS3 and a Blu-Ray player with streaming and two Roku 2 XS boxes and I exclusively use the Rokus for streaming everything except YouTube (at Google's request there is no YouTube channel). The XS version of the hardware is capable of 1080P and uses a Bluetooth controller that does not have the lag of the IR version. The big difference between the PS3 as a streamer and a Roku is the huge number of channels. Besides Netflix they have Amazon Prime and Vudu and tons of other choices many of which are completely free. Keep in mind that Roku does not own the channels or write the apps for the channels they just provide the hardware and act as billing agent for some of the channels that charge for access so the quality of the channels is all over the place. Some free channels are quiet good, some are cheesy, and a few are limited to samples.

What it isn't good at is streaming content from your computer. It can do it to one degree or another with some add-ons but there are better choices.

Unless you plan to return it or re-gift it you really don't have anything to lose trying it out.
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