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I think the biggest issue is that no matter what laws are passed, they will only work on people who by definition are law abiding. To make new laws now, I say too little too late. There are enough hi cap mags, AR's, etc... in circulation already between the US, Mexico and Canada. If a criminal wants to get his or her hands on anything, it will be just as easy today as it will be 10 years from now. Criminals are not going into gun stores and legally purchasing anything, not even ammo. There are so many numbers of sources that are off the radar. How many soldiers have tucked an extra magazine or 2 into their bags when returning from deployment? How many have already been sold? How many are holding onto them right now? How many of these guys are pissed off after being mistreated and lied to by their government? There are thousands of items unaccounted for out there in the world and they are all for sale at the right price. That is just 1 small example. The only people this will have any affect on is the people who follow the law.
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