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No fan to get clogged, works well. If it sits idle, upon wakup it =has some lag, so if you hit a button to wake it from screensaver, then start moving cursor, then it starts to play catchup, and redraws all icons. I had an issue where they dropped a few bad updates one disabled wireless, soon after that it disabled the wired, but wireless worked, and then they fixed it. You only have like a 90 warranty with PHONE-BASED support, and after that they will direct you to e-mail support, or you can pay a fee for phone support, but the warranty is extended for 2 more years from the initial 1-year hardware (with e-mail support).

(I really love it, but the support issue erked me, and I think the warranty's I listed are correct in numbers.)

I don't like using a device with a fan (360, PS3, PC/Notebook, if a passive-cooled device exists) for streaming, it is just one more thing that could go wrong...
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