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To the OP:

I really think you should sit down with yourself and think about what you just said.

Then, before the next time you make a statement about silver linings (or making lemonade out of lemons), you think about 10 day (or any day) waiting periods, on/off roster lists, bullet buttons, and all the other cr*p we have had to live with here in CA.

I'm here to tell you, that it used to be that you could carry a gun, loaded, openly on your hip here in Ca.
I'm here to tell you , that we used to be able to just sell a gun, any gun, to a buddy, or a complete stranger at a garage sale.
I'm here to tell you, that we used to be able to walk into a gun store, and walk out with a shotgun, rifle, or handgun.

Maybe you're a young guy, and have just grown up with all the nonsense those of us who have been around here for awhile have seen go away. There is no silver lining, there is no "good" thing about any of it.
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Originally Posted by jeep7081
The more I am on CalGuns the more I see why government keeps certain people from owning firearms.

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