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The 180 Series is the 1st Mini 14, they were updated immediately as they're were not that great of a rifle. If you want one because it was the 1st Mini 14, then go for it, if you want a much nicer weapon that is more accurate, then get the newer 580 series. You can't put a scope on a 180 (at least not easily), they have the pencil thin barrels, not accurate and the wood top which holds heat, making it hot and even less accurate. Most of the better parts for that gun tend to fit the 182 Series or higher Series.

I have a 182 series which is a significant upgrade from the 180 Series, I'm going to sell my Mini in hopes of getting a newer one, which has the thicker barrel and better all around rifle.

How well has the gun been taking care of? That's would be concern. If he didn't clean it yearly, it could be a problem child (rust). As far as the price, in todays market it could fetch $500-$800 dollars. Personally, I'd get the newest one possible, again unless you are specifically after a 180 for the old skool factor.

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