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I started with a handgun safety class, just to see if I could pick a pistol up. Previous to that, I believed it would be like picking a rattlesnake up. Picked it up, shot it later at a private range, instant addict.

A handgun safety class followed by range time is ideal. An all-women class is better. Much less threatening to a beginner, really.

NRA runs all-women classes, Women On Target, Local ranges run classes all the time, many of which are women-only. Clearly there's a market for women to learn to shoot without a bunch of guys around.

There's probably some BLM or National Forest somewhere within a couple hours of you. But I still thinka class with range time is best. Much more confidence-building. But don't be too disappointed if she finds she can do it, but doesn't want to. Unlikely, but possible.

Out of curiosity, why is it important to her that there be no other guns around her? Is she afraid of other shooters hitting her? The noise? Possibility of embarrassment? Just wondering because I haven't heard that requirement before.
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