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OP, the dynamic has changed.The days of DC passing gun bans in the cover of night are over, thanks to the Internet.

Yet....the other side of the coin is that gun rights has now become a state-level issue. On one side we have Wyoming, which has all but given the finger to DC's gun control statutes. On the other side we have New York State, which just passed the worst gun control laws since the Jim Crow era. There's no way DC can pass legislation to please both sides, and the White House cant afford to offend either party by taking sides.

So, the 2nd Amendment is now a state-by-state right. Much like slavery was a cultural institution of the South, gun control is a divided cultural issue. Gun owners in America today are like the black men in northern states in the 1800s, while weapon owners in California are like the slaves stuck on the plantations in Mississippi . Its a crude analogy but it fits the current zeitgeist too well. Much as my ancestors felt that moving north was a better alternative to life under the whip, some gun owners in CA and NY face a trip on their own "underground railroad" to a Constitutional state.
The more prohibitions you have, the less virtuous people will be.
The more subsidies you have, the less self reliant people will be.
-Lao-Tzu, Tau Te Ching. 479 BCE

The 1911 may have been in wars for 100 years, but Masetro Bartolomeo Beretta was arming the world 400 years before John Browning was ever a wet dream.
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