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Originally Posted by CenterX View Post
I hope you are not banned to the couch....

Kidding - She may rethink the decision in a few years.

Ask her to go to the range, and take a wheel gun and a cowgirl hat. She will be like Annie Oakley.....
I just had this same thought. I just bought a conversion kit for my Remington 1858 black powder pistol, so it can shoot down-loaded "cowboy" loads.

If I bring my Ruger 22/45 and the Remmie with powder puff .45 colt loads, she might have a better time than she did with the 9mm, since the "ouch, recoil!" seemed to be the thing that had her second guessing that it was fun or not.

I'll have to wait until the panic range sessions die down though, if it's one thing that gets her aggravated, it's waiting around and a long line up at the indoor range is sure to make her like the experience less.
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