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Default OMG, They are banning stuff!!!!!

Originally Posted by prerunners4life View Post
Hey op I just listened to OBAMAS speech this morning.. Thought there wasn't going to be a ban?? Dumb ***

Comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it?

Obama can ban NOTHING through EO's. Even he knows that, which is why his 23 point plan is toothless.

Sure, he called for congress to pass an AWB, but there is NO WAY that they have the votes for this in the House and likely not the Senate.

Obama knows this, Harry Reid knows this, as does Boehner. It's been publicized over the last week and even the NRA is confident enough to publicly state an AWB isn't going to happen.

Apparently, you're the only one who didn't get the memo.

OP is correct and the knuckleheads paying $4000 for a run of the mill AR on Gunbroker will feel like idiots as time passes and they are still available for little less than pre-panic prices.
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