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Originally Posted by Poms&Guns View Post
I think the problem was more with the fact that the PG&E bill was the ONLY thing with my name and residential home address. I guess he felt he also needed some government type printout with it as well. Who knows? He is a reputable FFL. But I jumped through hoops to get something. At least it's now taken care of and hopefully I will have gun in hand when they open back up on the 26th. I am definitely an impatient little girl...LOL. I have lived in KY, TX, and SD, and it is nothing to get a gun there compared to here in CA!!
exactly, since PG&E is not a gov-entity, it does not satisfy federal laws for PoI. you need a .gov-issued document with your name and home address on it. That is why you needed the printout from the DMV.

here, read this thread for more info on this,

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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