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Default Private place for wife to learn (near Fresno)

Ladies (and Gentlemen), I am looking for a private place to take my wife shooting (and hold a firearm) for the first time, the only stipulation (per her) is that it must be somewhere where there is no other gun "within a 100 miles" not literally reasonable, but I get her point).

A little background on her personality: she is a very girly girl who was raised with the basic idea that guns are bad and will kill you if you are near them, imagine a healthy respect for the "gun always loaded" idea taken to an unhealthy extreme. She firmly believes that only active/on-duty military or police officers should carry a firearm. It took 9 years of gentle conversation before ONE gun was allowed in our home, another year to make that a reality (after a direct threat to our family in our home). Reluctantly she has agreed to hold it in a private setting (hence the above). Which, of course, absolutely CANNOT take place in our home.

I am looking for another woman with a similar starting point to offer some input (or husband in a similar starting position) and the location where this could all take place near Fresno.

Thanks in advance.
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