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Originally Posted by G-forceJunkie View Post
kscott/wrangler john: How many of the products that you mentioned are not toxic? For many, that is a big selling point of Frog Lube. I know it is not the best lube, the best cleaner, nor the best rust inhibitor. But it meets the standards required for my weapons in the manner I use them without smelling bad or exposing myself or other to toxic chemicals. That is a huge plus for many. Now, what am I going to do with the rest of the gallon of military CLP I've been running for 15 or so years...
Well, first of all you are talking to a guy that worked around toxic stuff before he was born. Yeah, really! My mother was a shipyard welder she suffered metal fume poisoning from welding galvanized steel. She finally quit when she learned she was pregnant, and gave up smoking and drinking alcohol so it wouldn't harm the baby - me. Then of course, when I was a little kid, my father owned a factory that produced ozone air and water sanitizers. I was exposed to carbon tetrachloride the solvent they used to clean the glass gas discharge neon and argon filled light tubes, mercury that they flashed the tubes with to remove the last bit of air. It was fun playing with the liquid mercury and watching it bead around in my hand. Naturally the place was flooded with ozone, had the aroma of a continual lightening storm only a hundred times stronger. I believe my father thought he was a latter day Tesla.

Worked in the horse business where I was exposed to some very potent counter irritant liniments, one iodine blister that had to applied with a paint brush so you didn't get it on your skin - woe to me if I did. Then there was the ether, yeah the same ether in starting fluid - only the anesthetic variety, mixed as a leg sweat. This I rubbed on by hand, eventually stripping all the fat out of my skin. That stuff would melt most gloves. Then there was the DMSO they tried for awhile, even the fumes from the dauber would absorb into the skin and give me the taste of garlic in my mouth.

Then I worked as a welder for 12 years, taking after my mother, where i was exposed to welding fumes, just like her. Did a lot of MIG Stellite hard facing on bulldozers and scraper blades, stuff had a high boron content that if breathed would cause lung damage or death. Spray painted with polyurethane epoxy marine paint that releases cyanide, and requires a pressurized respirator and isolation suit if you do it correctly - I didn't, just used a filter respirator. Was constantly exposed to lacquer thinner, and acetone.

In my job as a Park Ranger I sprayed various insecticides including Sevin in a giant old Rotomist sprayer to control oak moth larva, and Malathion for fruit flies, and chlordane for yellow jackets, then various herbicides such as 2-4-D, and worse stuff, really appreciated when Roundup came along.

Next I worked as a water treatment plant and wastewater plant operator, lots of exposure to gas chlorine and later sodium hypochlorite. Not to mention the constant exposure to raw sewage and aeration basins.

So, here I am with no ill effects. My suggestion is to not drink the toxic stuff.

Oh and by the way, if you drive a car or truck, that ethylene glycol based coolant is one of the most toxic chemicals around. My neighbor had a cat that walked through a puddle of it on his garage floor, licked his paws and died. So, I use only Propylene Glycol coolant which is biodegradable and very low in toxicity. I also recommend Bore Tech gun cleaning solvents for the same reason, low toxicity and they work really well. Oh, and I gave up bullet casting for using commercially produced cast bullets - when I was a kid I hung around the press room at the newspaper, giant vats of molten Linotype - the old guys warned me about the fumes.

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