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Originally Posted by Bobby Hated View Post
email sent.

just got home from the city council meeting. they put off discussion to next session. i believe that to be a week from tonight but dont quote me on that.

there was a man who showed up with a giant "dont tread on me" flag who caused a commotion when he refused to leave his flag outside when he was asked to by our local police officers. a number of other people made rude and uncivil comments as they exited the meeting when it was announced that discussion would be put off to next session. that is not helpful to our cause.

if you are going to come poorly dressed and make a scene please dont come at all. you are doing more harm than good if that is how you choose to represent our community.

if you own a proper suit and can display the appropriate sense of propriety and decorum in a city council meeting, and can speak intelligently to help our cause, please come to the next session and help us offset the negative effect of the cowboys and yahoos.

the council members were looking at most of the people there like one of them was about to pull out a gun and go postal. lets try to present a more sophisticated and professional image at the next session.
Thx Hated

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