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The WLP speech was awful, and this app was so stupid it's an insult to garden variety stupid people.

I am however finally going with "Life". Fixing the NRA will be easier than building a new org, and being inside the voice is stronger than outside. Besides, we need pressure against right NOW.

My only hope is we can get a modern, civil rights minded person, who can also intelligently string together a public argument based on far more solid ground than WLP, or most other rights advocates, have been able to in the national media. It won't happen today or next month, but this fight won't be over then either.

Imgaine if in the Piers-Ben Shapiro debate, Ben had pulled out the Ebony cover photo of Malcolm X with his fistful of 60 rounds of freedom during the tyranny argument. I guarantee you, someone like Gene would've made that exact point. Devastatingly. Shame on the NRA for not doing so themselves.

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