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Originally Posted by Lifeon2whls View Post
RV is just going to be a BIG rolling target for all of those who didn't plan ahead. Good luck with that.
An overloaded Tahoe with a trailer and stuff mounted on the roof will be that same target.

After the OP loads the wife, two kids and himself into the Tahoe with no trailer and nothing on the roof, there will not be a lot of room to pack gear to survive on.

Since the OP lives in a somewhat rural area and there will not be much traffic, I see no reason to not take both vehicles; hell I would make the Tahoe a rolling gas can (RV support) with a bare minimum of supplies to get the family by in case the RV had to be ditched quickly.

OP, if there is not much traffic and you are only planning on going about 300 miles, I would not worry about getting separated, just keep close spacing and get a pair of GMRS radios. On a side note, if things got real bad, you and one daughter should be in the RV and your wife and other daughter should be in the Tahoe so you could maintain a "continuanty of family" if one vehicle and its passengers suffered a bad end (Better that you loose half of the family rather than the entire family).

Yes on camping trips the RV does stick out but I doubt that you were trying to hide it while camping. With a little effort its not that hard to camo an RV.
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