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Originally Posted by Heretodaygonetomorrow View Post
You could rebuild the gun with an OLL, and save/store the original Lower Reciever in CT, but you might find the the complete rifle will sell to in one of the Ban States for much more money (much more money that it would cost to build a new new CA Legal gun) then just the Lower Receiver would.

It would probably pay to do a little research, and see how much your Pre-Ban Lower Receiver is worth VS the complete Pre-Ban gun in States like NY, and NJ where the Ban is still in place, but buying and selling of Pre-Ban Lower Receivers and complete guns is still allowed.

Then, you would have a boat load of money, and be free to build an new gun with a OLL and an upper with whatever features you want.
I thought about that - just difficult because I'm here and I'm not likely to go back for a bit. Also, since the rifle was purchased in VA, then taken to NY after I left the Navy, then stored in CT - I'm not sure what hoops I'd have to jump through as far as registration goes - especially since I'm now a CA resident.

I suppose I couuld make some bank right now if I mailed all the parts back and tried to sell it at a gun show there. Tempting.
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