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Originally Posted by INFAMOUS762X39 View Post
I have a brand new G19 Gen3 that had this issue as well, it's called Brass to the Face/Erratic Ejections.

This solution tooks weeks of research and a month of trial and error. All the "Glock Armorers" I asked here on calguns said it was my ammo/recoil spring. Which is/was not the issue at all. I wanted to figure out the issue myself without sending it in to Glock.

THIS isn't a Definative Answer, since Glock refuses to admit this issue. But it is my answer since it stop BTTF immediately for me 110% improvement. A rare few who have done the same said it made it worse. Here is the basic run-down.

G19 Gen3 are a hit or miss when it comes to being in spec or not. I/we found out the hard way, constant BTTF on my new G19. What the issue is the old/sharp 336 Ejector and out of spec #3 Dipped Extractor made out of MIM. Thus casing weak/erratic ejections.

I replaced both parts. I bought a Gen4 9mm Trigger Housing #30275, and took the updated #30274 Ejector out from the Gen4 housing and installed it in my stock Gen3 Trigger housing. I also ditched the old dipped extractor for a #4 Non-Dipped LCI OEM 9mm Extractor, which I think is Carbon steel/in spec.

Gen4 Trigger Housing is like 8$
#4 9mm OEM Extractor is like 18$

Fixed my problem immediately, all spent casings now eject 4 o'clock all day.

Any questions feel free to ask away.
The only thing that's been known to consistently fix BTTF is using the Apex kit but the one that's out is designed for Gen4's. Last I heard they're developing specifically for Gen3 (yes this issue affects both Gen3 and Gen4 9mm). FYI I've got a Gen4 with 30274 ejector and replacing with Lone Wolf extractor helped but didn't totally fix the issue. If you can get a hold of an armorer that would probably be the cheapest way to get this resolved. If you send it to Glock they're going to make you pay for shipping.
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