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I took my fiance to Barstow before Xmas to shoot for the first time. Started her with a .22 rifle, then .22 pistol, then 9mm pistol, then SKS, then Mosin, she was scared of the mossy 500 shotgun but did fire it a few times. On the way back, she was so happy and excited that she told me that for my bday she will get me a gun and that she wants a pistol only for her on her bday. We share gun ideas, law on guns and she gets just as heated as I do about the damn gun control b.s. Also, my older sister that went shooting with us, wants to start collecting guns and wants a .22 rifle then a 9mm pistol. hahaha They showed up knowing nothing about guns, to knowing pretty much everything that is needed to know about safety, using the guns, reloading, cleaning, assembly and disassembly...
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