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Originally Posted by Drivedabizness View Post
27 years ago, my wife bought me a Series 80 Colt .45 for a wedding present. I gave her the full safety brief, we went to the range and on her first shot the empty case hit her in the forehead. She put the gun on "safe" pointed the muzzle downrange, laid it on the bench and said "I don't ever want to shoot again". I've never been able to change her mind.

A few minutes ago, we were talking about the latest gun control developments. And she said:

Her: "I think its time we bought a gun just for me"

Me: "what kind of gun?"

Her: "A handgun - big enough for me to be able to protect myself".

Me: "You mean like my Glock?" (I have a 23)

Her: "No! That's yours. I want one for me"

I almost feel like I need a cigarette right now...
Perhaps a revolver, so she doesn't catch an empty casing to the head and not want to touch a gun again? lol
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