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Originally Posted by Charlie50
was wondering if this is typical or does this unit have a problem?
I wouldn't call it typical, but it certainly wouldn't be called uncommon either.

It is common enough that the coined term for it is Brass To Face (BTF) at least you know it isn't just your gun.

My friend's Gen3 didn't start until after 1000 rounds and he sent it back to the fcatory of their dime. When returned, the problem was worst and he sent it back again. They replaced it with a new G19 and we're going to shoot it some next Friday.

So it cost him another DROS fee, but at least they picked up shipping...which I've been reading they won't always do. If they don't, it's $60 each time and they don't guaranty that it will fix the problem...which they don't admit is a design problem.

There are a number of stop gaps using a combination of swapped extractor and ejectors which might least they are cheap
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