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Default Torn on Bug Out Vehicle

So I live in a less populated area in Eastern Washington (less than 200,000 people in the entire area). If something were to happen, like a volcano or something catastrophic that I could drive away from what should I take.. I have been thinking about it and am torn. I own a 30ft Jamboree RV, I also own a 4x4 Tahoe. It would be my wife and my 2 pre-teen girls. So my options are this.

Option 1
I take the RV and head east into the mountains. The RV is always prepped and ready to go, full of gas, and propane. Just fill with water, throw your underwear in and go. The range of the RV is about 350 miles or so.. I know of many out of the way, off the grid camping spots I could easily get to. The advantage of the RV, is you have built in shelter (you could live in it forever if needed). You will also have heat, cooking, and water for a time. The disadvantages are it's huge and lumbering. You really don't want to use it for supply runs or get aways. And once your setup it's easy to see (big white box sitting in the forest).

Option 2
I take the Tahoe and load it with camping gear and whatever other supplies I can fit in it. I then head up into the mountains. The range is about the same at about 350 miles. The advantages of the Tahoe is it's fast (er), it's much smaller and nimble, I could get even more out of the way with it (4x4). It's also lower profile, and easy to use for supply runs and get aways. The disadvantages are that it's much smaller so the ability to store supplies is limited, also it really doesn't have a whole lot of living space (you could sleep in it if you had to for a couple of nights). You would still need to setup a camp for cooking and such, which you then need to tear down to evac.

So I'm a little torn. This is for some kind of big event, that I may bug out and it could be weeks if I ever come back..

I also have an Adventure Bike which I would strongly consider bringing, especially if I did the RV route, but then I need to take a trailer also..


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